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Rossmount Nursery is owned and operated by David and Jeanette Wilson and has been supplying fruit trees to South East Queensland since 1977. During those early years we were instrumental in the formation of the Rare Fruits Council of Australia (Gympie Branch).

Rossmount Orchards were planted with a variety of fruit trees in response to predicted developments in the demand for new and exotic fruit. The establishment of these orchards served not only to provide experience in the production of successful grafted and seedling trees but enabled Rossmount to form a solid basis in Orchard management. This experience has translated into a working knowledge that has enabled Rossmount Nursery to stay at the forefront of the fruit tree industry.

Rossmount orchards are currently supplying most of the seed and scion requirements of the Nursery.

Originally an exclusively retail operation the Nursery soon expanded encompassing the more intensive role as a wholesale and retail supplier. Papaw seedlings formed the basis for the development of an active wholesale sector, supported by local orchardists.

Rossmount expanded its production lines to service the rapidly transforming fruit tree industry. During this expansion period the facilities were upgraded to allow the handling of bagged lines, with special attention to procedures and hygiene.

The Major lines of production include lychees, mangoes and avocadoes. More recently, however, newly introduced varieties of tropical and subtropical fruit trees have experienced higher demand. More specifically demand for Persimmons has increased, due to the acknowledgment of a substantial international market in which Australian conditions and geographic location provide significant advantage for producers.

Research and development from the Rossmount orchards has corresponded with many of the radical changes that have occurred in orchard management in recent years. High density planting, trellising, intensive management, physical protection such as windbreaks and netting have all been trialled with the objective of improving management strategies. Rossmount aims to support its clients through orchard consultation of the best quality and supply of the finest fruit trees.

Please inform us of your fruit tree requirements as soon as possible. For priority large orders of any trees should be placed well in advance. All fruit trees are container grown to ensure strong root development and the best possible balance between the canopy and the root system is established. Rossmount policy does not include the growth or sale of any bare rooted trees.

Our experienced staff are able to help you with your orchard planning; on site orchard consultations can be arranged. Tree management information for our exotic lines is given freely on purchase of trees, and we are only as far away as your finger tips.

Correct soil preparation and individual tree irrigation are essential to ensure better
field establishment and the earliest possible production of fruit.

In keeping with our Nursery objectives we are always searching for new fruit and nut tree varieties that do well in warm temperate and sub-tropical areas. If you or your associates
have any trees that have proved exceptional please share this with us.

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